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There Is a New J.R.R. Tolkien Book About to Come Out!

J.R.R. Tolkien, famed author of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit who passed away forty-five years ago, is releasing a new book later this year.


The new book, entitled The Fall of Gondolin, was written while Tolkien was in the hospital recovering from the Battle of the Somme in World War I.  His son Christopher Tolkien, now ninety-three years old himself, has edited the book, and it will be illustrated by Alan Lee, who is most famous for illustrating editions of Tolkien’s work in the 1990s.


This isn’t the first of Tolkien’s books to be published after his death. In fact, numerous books have been published posthumously, including Beren and Luthien, which was published just last June. Still, Tolkien fans were surprised by the announcement of this new book since Christopher Tolkien wrote in Beren and Luthien‘s preface that it was “(presumptively) my last book in the long series of editions of my father’s writings.”


Gondolin Cover

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According to HarperCollins, the book follows Tuor, one of an ancient race of elves called the Noldor, as he sets out to find Gondolin and, along with the sea-god Ulmo, joins the fight against Morgoth, who wants to destroy the city.


In an interview with The Guardian, John Garth, author of Tolkien and the Great War, described the book:


It’s a quest story with a reluctant hero who turns into a genuine hero – it’s a template for everything Tolkien wrote afterwards. It has a dark lord, our first encounter with orcs and balrogs – it’s really Tolkien limbering up for what he would be doing later.


Look for the book in stores later this August!


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