‘The Wrath and the Dawn’ is Being Adapted for a TV Series!

The Wrath and the Dawn is finally being adapted for television. The author of the series, Rene Ahdieh, published the book in 2015 and, now that 1212 entertainment optioned the rights to this epic fantasy story, it’s finally going to get the adaption it deserves. The book was even on Time Magazine’s 100 List as one of the best fantasy novels ever written. What a big honor!


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The team behind the adaption also brought to life Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and the Covid-19 documentary, 76 Days, so they should be able to handle the weight of this amazing story. It has been described as Game of Thrones meets Arabian Nights.
The story is about King Khalid, who marries a new woman everyday, but after one night, the woman is dead by morning. Shahrzad, volunteers to marry the king, to avenge the death of her friend Shiva, who died at his hands. Shahrzad makes it through the first night, after telling Khalid a story that enchanted him. Now, every night, Shahrzad must weave together stories to ensure her life, and as she tells them she learns there is more to the King than she thought. Khalid is a tormented little boy on the inside and Shahrzad, can’t help but fall in love with him. How could she love him? He killed her best friend. Now, she must uncover the secrets that lurk behind the castle walls and be on the ready to kill Khalid if the time comes, despite her love for him.
Sounds so cool doesn’t it? This is going to be one adaption you don’t want to miss! According to Ahdieh, she is honored that her book made Time Magazine’s list and she can’t wait to see it become a television series. Fans of the book can’t wait either. It’s about time this story came to life on screen, and a television series is the perfect way to tell the story.
In the mean time, you can read the book right here.
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