Harry Potter Book Night

The Worldwide Harry Potter Book Night Is Coming Your Way!

Book nights with friends are charming events; they consist of a group of people gathering to read and discuss their thoughts on literature. They swap books, give recommendations, and there are also refreshments involved (sweet deal). But have you ever had a book night with hundreds of thousands of other people in several countries? Well if you haven’t now is your chance… Especially for you Harry Potter fans!


Harry Potter Book Night

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The Harry Potter Book Night on February 1st, 2018 is a huge event that happens every year and beautifully enough… this year’s theme is Fantastic Beasts! It revolves around all the original creatures that brought the Harry Potter series and movie franchise to life. Libraries and schools can join in with their own gatherings through a digital sign up sheet. Here they can follow an interactive map that shows all the events happening in their area. This way, you and other witches and wizards could get together in honor of the one-day-only event!



For those who are worried they won’t have access, fear not: this is a worldwide bonanza of witchcraft and wizardry! And schools participating are eligible to win a ‘Professor of Potter’ Book Festival along with a copious amount of Potter books. The Hogwarts Library box set of books along with illustrated works and additional collections will be part of their winnings. Seven runner-ups will also receive a similar prize!


So what are you fiends waiting for? Put February 1st in your calendar as the most magical day of the year and check out this site about what’s going on near you.


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