Wytches: Bad Egg

The World’s Best Horror Comic Series Returns for Halloween

Polygon reports that a new addition to the Wytches saga has arrived! The acclaimed comic book series by industry superstars Scott Snyder and Jock returns with an eighty page story just in time for Halloween.


The horror series takes place in a world where monster-like witches fulfill their followers’ desires in exchange for human sacrifices. These “Wytches” form a dark symbiotic relationship with the inhabitants of whatever town they settle in. Underneath all the supernatural elements is a series that explores the relationships between the people who are driven to sacrifice one another.


Wytches: Bad Egg follows young Sebastion Clay, a descendent of the Irons, the organization dedicated to hunting the Wytches and their allies. Sebastion struggles as his first test requires him to kill his best friend’s family members who are discovered to be the monsters in disguise.



Wytches Volume One

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Fans have been waiting a long time for a new addition to Wytches since the first arc ended in 2015. I know I have. But it’s only appropriate that we should get the latest chapter on Halloween today.


Wytches: Bad Egg can be purchased on Amazon.



Featured Image via Polygon