Bruce Willis in Die Hard

The World’s Best Christmas Movie Is Being Made Into a Children’s Book

A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic was written by comedian Doogie Horner, and illustrated by JJ Harrison. The children’s book was inspired by the classic Christmas poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas, but instead of Santa delivering presents to the nice and coal to the naughty, the book tells the timeless tale of a New York police officer single-handedly taking down a gang of European terrorists.


Die Hard Christmas

Image Via Slash Film


The book is available on October 17th. The book’s illustrations are an accurate portrayal of the violence of the classic Christmas tale, so just like the movie, this book might not be the most appropriate way to celebrate the holiday with your children. But, as always, that’s up to your discretion as a parent.


Happy holidays, mother …..  


Featured Image Via Digital Spy UK.