The Wooden Book Made of Puzzles

Industrial engineer Brady Whitney is innovating books in a way we have never seen before. His Codex Silenda is a five page book that requires you to solve a puzzle before you can move onto the next page. Each page has a part of a story that you learn more about as you progress. 

Imagine if books were more interactive, there could be pages that have moving parts, reach out to you, or require you to make a choice. Whitney is pioneering this experimental book and so far he has received over $200,000 from his kickstarter campaign.

He only requested $30,000 for a laser that cuts wood with precision. But because of the interest he has been able to garner for his project, he has earned well over his original asking price. If you are interested in the project, now is a good time to reserve your copy of the codex by contributing to Whitney’s kickstarter

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