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‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort Hands Over Thousands in Royalties

Once a criminal fraudster, always a criminal fraudster. The titular Wolf of Wall Street (of book and film adaptation fame) Jordan Belfort has agreed to pay his creditors a fee just shy of $20,000 in book royalties. This is a paltry amount of the almost $100 million the government says the former stockbroker still owes.


According to an article published in Bloomberg, Belfort has not paid back any of his debts since 2010, although in the intervening time he has made millions in speaking engagements and other business arrangements, all of which he has managed to pocket personally.


His latest scam involved setting up a shell company to receive the royalties from his sequel book Way of the Wolf, which his lawyer argued was exempt from the wage garnishments Belfort had been previously ordered to abide by. Prosecutors argued that the company was a sham, and even the judge in the case seemed none too impressed, saying, “It seems like he has some spare change lying around.”


Jordan Belfort holding spare change

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Last May that same judge ordered Belfort to appear in court this week. He failed to appear previously due to being in Lithuania for one of his lucrative speaking engagements. And although he and his lawyer are fighting all attempts to force him to pay the millions in restitution he owes, Belfort said in 2014, “Once everyone is paid back, believe me, I will feel a lot better.” You just cannot win with some people.


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