Hogwarts castle for Winter Wizarding World of Harry Potter Makeover

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Gets a Christmas Makeover

In my opinion, there are two absolute truths in life. The first is that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. The second is that there is nothing in this world better than Harry Potter. If you guys agree, you should try to get to Orlando this Christmas.


In 2010, Universal Orlando Resort opened an attraction called The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Since it opened in June of that year, the attraction has been transforming and expanding. 


With a mix of roller coasters and simulations, there are six rides at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There are also restaurants and gift shops that are modeled after real locations in the book series. The biggest attractions are the village of Hogsmeade, where tourists can go to the popular pub The Three Broomsticks, and the shopping center of Diagon Alley, where tourists can visit various shops, including Ollivander’s.


This Christmas, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is getting a seasonal makeover. The Christmas-themed Harry Potter world will open on November 18, 2017 and will carry on until January 6, 2018.


The Christmas version will feature many changes. Hogsmeade and all its shops will be decked out with holiday decorations. The food, drinks, and entertainment will also be holiday themed. Hogwarts will turn into a light projection spectacular featuring memorable Christmas moments from the Harry Potter movies. Nighttime will bring about musical arrangements. Several of the gift shops will be selling custom-made Christmas ornaments along with other merchandise. Best of all? The seasonal drink of Butterbeer will be available again in The Three Broomsticks. 


Before and after Harry Potter Castle

Hogwarts Castle; Left (Image Via Traveller): Original Castle, Right (Image Via IGN): Christmas Castle


Even if you’ve explored every inch of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you’ve never seen it like this. It’s worth checking out the new version while it’s around. I know I, for one, am marking my calendar for November 18th!


Featured Image Via IGN