The Witcher Is Coming To Netflix!

Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy saga not only has award winning video game adaptations, but it is now also gearing up to release a new Netflix Series. The Witcher is often hailed as one of the best and most immersive fantasy worlds ever created, on par with the likes of J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien.




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Netflix still hasn’t revealed many details yet, but the story is to be a direct adaptation of Sapkowski’s novels. Unlike the rumors about the possible new game in development for the series, this will not be a spin-off series. We will definitely be viewing the trials and tribulations of our favorite witcher and monster hunter extraordinaire, Geralt.


So far, we know that Lauren S. Hissrich will be writing for the new show as well as being the executive producer. She has worked on famous Netflix properties such as Daredevil and The Defenders. Tom Baginski, the main director for the cut scenes in the video game series, will also be on board for this project.




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Andrzej Sapkowski is elated that his work is getting another adaptation. Sapkowski challenged the video game adaptations due to his fear of the medium not being able to portray his work accurately enough. However, when the games grossed over a billion dollars in revenue, Sapkowski missed out due to his decision not to take a percentage of the adaptation rights. 


The Witcher has so far been said to be released around 2020 with at least eight episodes at the start by Hissrich on Twitter. Dates may become more accurate in the near future. 



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