‘The Witcher’ Author Has a Translated Book Set for Release!

That’s right. The author of The Witcher recently had another one of his books translated for English-reading consumers. So if you’ve finished inhaling The Witcher series, why not take a look at this historical fantasy? Nerdiest writer, Amy Ratcliffe, recently released an article detailing this exciting news!


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The Tower of Fools is the first book Andrzej Sapkowski’s Hussite trilogy, which – as you may have guessed – was inspired by the events of the Hussite Wars. This tale follows Reinmar of Bielau, also known as Reynevan, who is a young doctor and magician. Reynevan has been forced to flee when he is caught having an affair with a knight’s wife. Yet, while magical forces start to gather, our protagonist ends up in the Tower of Fools. The Tower is known to be a medieval asylum that houses the mad and those who refuse to conform to societal expectations.

This book has several historical characters and places, but it also has a magical twist that readers can enjoy. For example, Sapkowski has a fictional version of a young Copernicus in this tale. Originally published in Polish back in 2002, this book was translated to English and it is now set for release in the US this month.

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