'We're Going To Be Friends'

The White Stripes’ Jack White Strums Up Jammin’ Children’s Book

If there’s anything I love just as much as an author, it’s a musician, and I’m pleased that we get to see another addition to the list of that specific combination.


The ever-eccentric singer, songwriter, and founder of The White Stripes, Jack White, will be releasing a children’s book based on one of his very own songs! ‘We’re Going To Be Friends’ released in 2001 on the album White Blood Cells will also be the title of the book, which is White’s first book for children.


'We're Going To Be Friends'

Image Via Consequence of Sound


We’re Going to be Friends tells the story of little Suzy Lee as she looks for bugs, reads books, learns, and returns to school in the fall with her new friend. White wrote it himself while Elinor Blake illustrated the images using the White Stripes signature color trio of black, white, and red. Blake is known for her work on The Ren and Stimpy Show, a childhood classic for myself and many others. 


If you don’t remember the song from the radio, endless listening sessions, or the opening credits of Napoleon Dynamite, then give it another go below. Honestly, I think this was my first time hearing it and to say it’s an endearing song is an understatement. The soft guitar, nostalgic lyrics, purely simple instrumentals, and child-like hope create a halo of innocence around every verse. No wonder it’s turning into a dang children’s book. We’re Going To Be Friends comes out on limited release November 7th and worldwide November 21st. Enjoy, friends.




Feature Image Via Consequence of Sound and The Quietus