The Weasley’s Had Another Family Member

In a 2000 interview with Entertainment Weekly, J.K. Rowling revealed that The Goblet of Fire was the most difficult to write out of the Harry Potter series. Why? Rowling explains that the book was extensive and called for numerous amounts of rewrites. She also reveals that she had to pull a character. That character is none other than Mafalda Weasley. 

Mafalda is the second-cousin of Ron and the other Weasley children. According to Bustle, she was a “deeply unpleasant, complicated cousin.” She was shipped to The Burrow on the account that she was just horrible (she was sorted into Slytherin).

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Interestingly enough though, she was meant to serve as a contradictory Hermione. Mafalda was a bookworm and full of information – information that Harry, Ron, and Hermione would have needed, and although Mafalda wanted very much to be a part of the infamous trio, she never was. Hermione also saw her as a bit of an intellectual rival.

Rowling ended up replacing Mafalda with Rita Skeeter, who we all know is equally horrible and full of information.

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Here’s to Mafalda! The Weasley that never was. 


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