‘The Walking Dead’: The Novels That Deserve More Attention

You know the games, you know the comics, you know the show. But did you know there were novels, too?

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The Walking Dead has been a successful franchise spanning nearly every artistic medium, with not only a comic book series, but also two TV shows on AMC as well as a set of critically acclaimed video games by Telltale. However, too many are unaware that the Walking Dead has also spawned an ennealogy of novels.



Written collectively by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bosansinga, the novels chronicle the rise and fall of the town of Woodbury, the fate of which was unknown to fans of both the comics and the TV show after the Governor was defeated by Rick Grimes and company. In the novels, not only are we shown what happens to Woodbury after the Governor’s reign, but, in the first four books, we’re provided with an origin of the post-apocalyptic despot, and it’s one that’ll surprise any fan of the character!


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The last fives books in the series follow Lilly Caul, and her struggles to keep Woodbury intact after the Governor. While I do enjoy reading about the Governor, who just so happens to be my favorite character in the entire franchise, what I appreciate about the books with Lilly Caul as the focus is that we’re provided with a whole new perspective on the zombie apocalypse, one not told through the eyes of our main characters. The video game series by Telltale did the same thing, following another group of survivors rather than the ones we’re familiar with, which further develops the world and shows the fans that not everything worth mentioning that happened in the years ensuing the zombie apocalypse only happened to Rick Grimes.



In order, the Walking Dead novels are Rise of the Governor, The Road to Woodbury, The Fall of the Governor Part 1, The Fall of the Governor Part 2, Just Another Dat at the Office, Descent, Invasion, Search and Destroy and Return to Woodbury.


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