‘The Walking Dead’ Creator’s New Comic to Be Adapted by Universal

The apocalyptic-zombie-monster film trend is still going strong. However, the next film to contribute to the genre will be from the mastermind behind The Walking Dead.

Coming Soon reports that comic book superstar Robert Kirkman is adapting his Oblivion Song series for the big screen. The adaptation will be produced by Universal Pictures and Kirkman’s own Skybound Entertainment company, and will be written by Sean O’Keefe (Wonderland).


oblivion songImage via Amazon


Kirkman’s adaptation projects continue to successfully stack up one after the other. On top of multiple Walking Dead TV shows, his comics Invincible and 5-Year are on their way to screens as well.

Oblivion Song follows Nathan Cole, who embarks on daily rescue missions to recover the 300,000 citizens that went missing during a decade-prior apocalypse in Philadelphia. The government has made every attempt to search for them in the hellscape referred to as Oblivion, but has given up after years of fruitless effort. Cole is now the only hope for those missing, but something else in the ruins calls to him as well.




Featured Image via CBR