‘The Uglies’ is Being Adapted for Netflix

Scott Westfield’s dystopian series, The Uglies, is being adapted into a series or a film for Netflix. Emmy nominee of the Hulu series, the Act and star of the Kissing Booth films on Netflix, Joey King, is set to star and executive produce the novel for adaptation. King is said to be a fan of the series, and when she heard Netflix got the rights for it, she jumped at the chance to get the lead role.

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The series is about a dystopian society, and its told through the eyes of Tally, a young girl about to turn 16. When you’re 16, you’re transformed from being ugly into a pretty. Tally can’t wait for the surgery, and she can’t wait to live on the high tech paradise island where her only job is to have fun. Unfortunately her friend, Shay, doesn’t want the transformation, and runs away. When Tally goes after her, she learns more about the pretty side of life and learns it’s not the paradise she thought. Her only choices are to find Shay and turn her in or never become pretty.
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Sounds like a great option for a series, if Netflix decides to go that route. Show runner and executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, Krista Vernoff will write the script and John Davis and Jordan Davis will produce through the their production company, Davis Entertainment.
King is also working to adapt Jodi Picoult’s novel, A Spark of Light, as part of her first look deal with Hulu. Additionally, she is starring along side Brad Pitt in a Sony film titled, Bullet Train. King has a lot in the works and her passion for the Uglies will make the adaption amazing.
Read the series before it hits Netflix! You can order the Uglies series here.
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