The Twilight Film Turns 12!

Twilight, the first film in the series is now 12! It’s amazing to think how excited fans were for the release of the film, and 12 years later, fans are still excited to pick up Midnight Sun and read from Edward’s perspective. Stephanie Meyer did something right when she created this awesome world of vampires and werewolves.  There are even some secrets from the film that no one knows about.

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Of course, as an author, when you envision your book becoming a movie you have certain people in mind, and for Meyers, it wasn’t Kristen Stewart, it was Emily Browning. Emily, did audition for the role, along with Lily Collins, Michelle Tratchenburg, and our favorite Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawerence. Stewart wasn’t interested in the movie at first, but after meeting with Catherine Hardwicke, the director, she changed her mind and hence our Bella Swan is born. As for the casting of Edward, over 5,000 actors auditioned, one of them being Dave Franco. Meyers first choice was Henry Cavill, but due to his age, he couldn’t do it. So the role came down to Ben Barnes, Shiloh Fernandez, Robert Pattinson, and Jackson Rathbone. Jackson, of course, landed the role of Jasper, Edward’s brother and Pattinson, was chosen as  Edward. For Jacob, it was between Taylor Lautner and Tyler Posey, Posey went on to star in his own werewolf series, Teen Wolf for MTV. Taylor Lautner becomes our hot werewolf, Jacob Black.
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As for MTV, they originally acquired the rights to the film, along with Paramount. However, they changed so much from the book that Hardwicke didn’t like it. Hardwicke, had to wait three years for them to release the rights and then it was picked up by Summit entertainment. Meyers also had some strict rules when it came to filming. One of them being the kiss between Edward and Bella, she wanted it toned down. She also didn’t want Edward to be a stereotypical vampire, and she recasted Emmett with Kellan Lutz. Those changes definitely made the film what it is today, I can’t imagine the movie being any different. Even Lucy Hale, from Pretty Little Liars, auditioned for the role of Alice. Hale is great, but then she wouldn’t have been able to play Aria Montgomery. Hale also auditioned to play Jane and Leah Clearwater, but Aria Montgomery is the role she was meant to play.
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Pattinson, also believed he wouldn’t be able to work again. After he played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he wasn’t able to find any work. So the Twilight franchise is kind of like his saving grace. He was ready to quit and then he hit the world by storm by landing the role of Edward Cullen. No one could ever replace him as Edward. Or any of the stars of the film for that matter, even though some stars were replaced. Victoria was replaced in the third film. Rachelle Lefevre was the original Victoria but was changed with Bryce Dallas Howard. Apparently, Howard was the first choice, but still Levefre was unhappy with the decision due to her commitment to the role. Maybe, the studio saw Howard as a better fit, but regardless, Victoria dies in Eclipse, so at least she got to play her while she was mostly alive.
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