The Truth About Book-Lovers

There’s a universal truth in society: book-lovers are the best. We’re intellectual, spirited, and above all, obsessive. We are a group of people that have some quirky habits. While some may seem them as annoying, we embrace them. We come from all over, but we share the common bond of being a book-lover.

Here are some truths about us book-lovers:

1) Our bookshelves are a little overcrowded…

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That’s okay, because we always have something to recommend to our guests, or to grab for ourselves when we need something to pass the time.


2) We can spend hours in bookstores and libraries…

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Because who wouldn’t? Bookstores and libraries are our happy place. Everywhere we look, there’s always a new book to fall for. Each aisle has endless possibilities. We feel the presence of all of the characters trapped between the pages just waiting for us to unleash their stories. 


3) We can’t go anywhere without a book…

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“You’re reading on the train again? Why can’t you just talk to me!” Just…one…more page.


4) We always develop new ideas from the books we read and just have to tell someone about it…

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“Listen…so this character…you’re going to freak out when I tell you this.”


5) A lot of our collectibles just sitting around are book related…

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I most certainly do need 5 pairs of Harry Potter socks! 


6) We’ll almost always read the book before the movie comes out. And yes, we’re going to talk crap about how bad the movie was compared to the book…

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Except Harry Potter, in my opinion. They did a darn good job. 


7) We reread our favorite books, because they just give us a good feeling

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I’m planning to read Wuthering Heights for the fourth time.


8) When we encounter other book-lovers, we have so much to talk about! But when they don’t like to read…well, no comment. 

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Who doesn’t like books? 


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