Wonder Woman

The True Story Behind Her Creation Is More Wondrous Than Wonder Woman!

We all know and love Wonder Woman. We’ve read the comics growing up, seen her in cartoons, or recently bought tickets in June to watch her kick ass on the big screen. But do you know the real story? And I don’t mean the Amazonian heroine I mean the creator.



Wonder Woman

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The trailer for the new movie Professor Marston and the Wonder Women has recently been extended, as well as given a custom-made comic book cover during New York’s Comic-Con!


The story of Wonder Woman herself is about an Amazonian woman of great strength and fighting ability who must take part in battle in order to help a shipwrecked man return home. Now, we get to see the mind behind the character’s story and the real-life journey behind how this woman a true role-model.



Wonder Woman

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The film, due out October 13th, revolves around Dr. William Moulton Marston thinking long and hard to create the idea and story behind Wonder Woman. Thanks to the ideas of his feminist student and wife he creates the balance of femininity and strength for readers of the 1940s. His work was criticized and remained controversial as he wrote under the name Charles Moulton. The polyamorous relationship he pursued was seen as unethical, yet from him we received a powerhouse character, and that character is a woman imagined from women.


This is the story that digs deep into the psych and society’s rooted and predetermined ideas on femininity while simultaneously enlightening about a story that has become one of the most known pop culture.


If you’re a comic fan, a Wonder Woman fan, or want the story behind the story, this one is for you.





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