‘The Trespasser’ Ends with a Twist

Tana French’s ‘The Trespasser‘ is a fantastic mystery thriller that gets you thinking about social norms as well as complex crimes. After finishing the book, Gaby applauded French’s use of strong women throughout the story. From the hard-nosed detective Antoinette, to the vengeful victim Aislinn, women play a variety of different roles, which is exactly what literature needs.

Aislinn, who’s life has been negatively controlled by misogynistic men, decides to dedicate her life to getting revenge. She changes everything about herself to ruin the life of the detective- the man who – SPOILER ALERT- winds up murdering her. French has an interesting way of showing how women are still at a disadvantage against patriarchal systems, despite their intelligence and incredible determination. Even when Aislinn tries to right a wrong, a man exerts his power over her in the only way he has left: by murdering her. 

We see a similar trend in Antionette’s story. After all the work she put into finding the real killer, she was still unable to convince her colleges the truth of her theory. Only once O’Kelly, the police chief, declares McCann guilty can the squad accept the truth and respond accordingly. Another example of how misogyny affects women’s ability to do their job. 

Featured image courtesy of ABC Murders