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The Trailer for Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’ Couldn’t Be Creepier

Stephen King’s has a way with words that can cause us to shriek in fear, our skin to crawl, and probably sleep with the lights on. With numerous adaptations under his belt with films such as IT and Netflix’s Gerald’s Game, King’s stories do not disappoint and the recent trailer reboot for Pet Sematary is nothing short from terrifying!


The 1983 novel has been revived through Paramount Pictures and is set for release in spring of 2019. The story follows a family attempting to get acquainted with their new home, who discover a mysterious cemetery deep in the woods. The father, Louis Creed played by Jason Clarke, accompanied by his wife Rachel, and their two children move from Boston to a rural neighborhood in Maine.  When Louis turns to Jud Crandall played by John Lithgow, as  an odd elderly neighbor  things seem to only get creepier as it becomes the catalyst for nightmarish events that ensue within the story.



The latest Pet Sematary trailer has King fans excited for the new remake of this spooky tale. And who could forget the memorable line “Sometimes dead is better.”



Feature Image Via Dread Central