The Top 12 Funniest Book-Related Tweets of the Week

Catch up on this past week’s top tweets before you dive head-first into the sweltering weekend.

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Welcome back to Friday, book-nerds! Weather reports indicate this weekend will be hot and steamy, so make sure you take the time to relax and cool down before the fun starts. Kick off the weekend with some of this week’s top literary tweets.


1. dogs are book people too

2. library pages share their best ink

3. this tweet from two weeks ago was too good not to share

4. books are strong & independent lovers

5. for fox sake, grab a book!

6. simba who?

7. honestly, the onion is staffed with nerds

8. Let’s give it up for indie heros!

9. knowledge is a burden but books smell good

10. catch me snooping in the library

11. every student is a pest if you can shape-shift into a cat

12. a lil’ bit o’ friday wisdom


Featured Image Via Mental Floss.