The Top 11 Most Unsatisfying ‘Game of Thrones’ Deaths

With the final season of Game of Thrones upon us, there are many beloved characters fans are scared to lose. Unfortunately no one is safe in the clash of Kings and Queens, and dissatisfied fans are unavoidable, even though Game of Thrones fans are no strangers to disappointment. From the beginning, stressful, unreasonable deaths have befallen popular characters.

So, counting down in order from disappointing to down right infuriating, here are the top eleven most unsatisfying deaths in Game of Thrones.




  1. Eddard Stark (Season 1)


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Honorable Ned Stark. Once thought to be the main character of the series, wound up with a death that shocked the Seven Kingdoms. This was a death that slapped fans in the face and woke everyone up to the reality that no one is safe in the game of thrones.


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2. Shae (Season 4)


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There is just as much heartbreak and betrayal in Game Of Thrones as there is blood, death, and drama, but when Shae not only showed up at Tyrion’s trial to testify against him, but also cropped up in his father, Tywin Lannister’s bed, it was a shock that angered us all.

What made Shae’s death so unsatisfying was the fact that though she fell from grace, she had been a beloved character during one of the happiest periods of the series. Tyrion was happy, and Sansa was safe and among people who acted in her best interests. The drama of Westeros just had to make a comeback and throw all that down the crapper.

Speaking of the crapper, at the very least it did bring us to one of the more satisfying deaths: Tywin dead on the porcelain throne by the hands of Tryion.


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3. Theon Greyjoy (Season 8)


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The battle against the White Walkers has been built up since the very beginning, we knew we were in for one emotional rollercoaster. Everyone had their own moment for heroism, or died trying. Theon’s big fight however felt cut short. Granted he was the last standing to defend Bran, and he was fighting against the Night King, who even Jon Snow couldn’t beat, but it was a bit disappointing nonetheless.

With so much build-up in the moments leading up to his death, for Theon to just die on the floor writhing in pain and doing nothing else is dissatisfying.

For sure Theon being killed by the Knight King does make a lot of sense from a storytelling point of view, but the way it was written could have paid more respect to the character’s development.

I’ll try to keep this rant short.

Theon was always taking shortcuts, and, after being striped of his pride, became a coward who was only good for running away. Now you can say that Theon essentially running toward his death was proof of some development, there is a better way to express Theon’s genuine intentions and desire to stand by the people who he now knows are his family. On top of that, for all the pain and torture he has endured, for him to simply be stepped over again is what is the most disappointing.


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4. Oberyn Martell (Season 4)


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Everyone loves a good story about vengeance, that is, when the avenger actually does their job as an avenger! Oberyn was a fun and entertaining character to watch, even his cocky attitude was charms, but everyone knows that when you are winning against your opponent you don’t continue monologuing!

While I understand the character’s intention to get justice for the murder of his sister and her children, it was so frustrating to watch Oberyn lose to his own pride.

And let’s not forget, he messed around when it was not just his own life on the line. This was the trial by combat which would decide whether Tyrion was innocent or guilty in the murder of Joffrey. A rather ridiculous way to decide guilt or innocence, but regardless, Oberyn could have had a win for Tyrion and the satisfaction of knowing he avenged his family. However in true Game of Thrones fashion, our hero died a gruesome death.



5. Jon Snow (Season 5)


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If it weren’t for his revival, Jon Snow’s death would be a little higher on this list, but regardless, his murder and betrayal was shocking and for many a disappointment. It’s no surprise though, Jon is one of the fan favorites, and he’s been up there since Season 4, so anything bad happening to him rocks the boat for the fanbase.

Jon Snow’s death marked the end of a very long and painful season. There were many other character deaths that were grievously upsetting, Arya was blinded by the faceless men, Theon was horrifically tortured by Ramsey Bolton, Cersei was paraded naked and shamed throughout King’s Landing, and Sansa was married to and raped by Ramsay.

This was by far the most depressing time in the series, and Jon Snow’s death was the bloody cherry on top of an already rotten sundae.



6. Varys (Season 8)


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Season 8 has so far brought a number of disappointing deaths. What is most irritating about Varys’ death is seeing two of our favorite characters stand by while another favorite is killed right in front of them. With the dramatic reveal of Jon Snow’s true lineage, alliances are being tested, even for the audience.

As we watch these final episodes of the series we are hitting the reality yet again that things will not end with a happily ever after.

We can all see that Danaerys has become a loose cannon, and that someone needs to make her realize that she is wrong, if that’s even possible. The two people who could put a stop to all the madness or at least try are Jon and Tyrion, but in the moments before Varys is sentenced to death, their faith in Danaerys doesn’t waiver even for a moment. For two characters who have always pushed for what’s right no matter the cost, even their lives, this scene was very frustrating to watch.

Aside from seeing our most hated characters taken down, one other part of the show that helped us through was our faith in our heroes. With the most recent episode of Game of Thrones are heroes are starting to fail us. In the end, it’s their unwavering faith that results in the complete desolation of King’s Landing, and not just Varys’ death, but the death of thousand of innocents. The people who Varys sought to protect.



7. Robb Stark (Season 3)


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Considered one of the most iconic moments in television, The Red Wedding was shocking, heartbreaking, unsettling, and unsatisfying. The Starks had many rooting for them as the main characters and heroes of the series.

Their journey to war against the Lannisters hit bump after bump, but they still rose as a force to be reckoned with. Everything they had built up came crashing down when Robb, his wife Talisa and mother Catelyn were murdered at his wedding.

Robb Stark had his moments as a strong leader, but his end was very lackluster with no fighting response whatsoever. In the end, as upsetting as it was, it was also pretty unsatisfying.



8. Catelyn Stark (Season 3)


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Another victim of the The Red Wedding, Catelyn Stark’s death was such a horror to watch as she held onto her fighting spirit until the very end.

What’s most frustrating about Catelyn’s death is that all the work she poured into avoiding the downfall of her family was all for nothing. To watch as such a strong character who did everything she could be pushed into a corner and beaten was painfully unsatisfying.



9. Shireen Baratheon (Season 5)


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Even worse than Jon Snow’s was the innocent Shireen’s death in Season 5. As Stannis Baratheon’s beloved daughter, Shireen was Stannis’ one redeeming quality. In a desperate move for power, Stannis made the decision to listen to the advice of Melisandre and sacrifice his own daughter by burning her alive.

It was a horrific death, and wound up accomplishing nothing for Stannis. It only made everyone hate him and be overjoyed when he was killed by Brienne of Tarth.


10. Jaimie Lannister


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On the road to redemption, Jaimie went from the notorious King Slayer to honorable knight at the battle of Winterfell. Fighting side by side with his former enemies, putting the survival of humanity above everything else, we were all under the impression that Jaimie had finally left Cersei behind, realizing how toxic and evil she was.

Old habits die hard though, and once you’ve fallen in love with someone it isn’t that easy to let go. All in all, it does seem fitting that the two lovers and siblings died embracing each other. If only this didn’t cause pain and heartbreak to Brienne of Tarth. Seeing her hurt is profoundly one of the most upsetting events, as she is such a beloved character!


This leads us to the most unsatisfying death of Game of Thrones




11. Cersei Lannister


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One of the deadliest, toughest characters, without the same privileges as her male counterparts, without any special skills or physical strengths, Cersei had an iron will and the wit to survive through the worst that the world of Westeros threw at her. Unfortunately, her end didn’t show the powerful threat she grew to become. Instead, what we saw was a quivering, scared, and powerless Cersei trying to run from a situation she apparently wasn’t prepared for.

Maybe she was overconfident and the shock of her strategy and kingdom being torn apart broke her down, but she was always one to overcome her obstacles. For God sake, the woman was paraded naked throughout King’s Landing, breaking down crying, and yet she rose back stronger than ever and became Queen, even after losing Tommen, the last of her beloved children.

It’s apparent where the writer’s are going with this. In a twist ending, Cersei turns out not to be the main threat everyone should be worried about, but instead it’s Danaerys. Regardless, seeing Cersei broken down and helpless is the most unsatisfying end with everything that the character has grown to be.

Alas, there are surely more deaths to be had with one more episode left in the final season of Game of Thrones. It’s been said that not everyone will be satisfied with the end, but let’s all hope that it will be better than expected.



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