The Tiny Chef on Ru Paul, Cookbooks, and Da Besht Weshipees

We’ve all seen the social media craze for tiny food, but what about the tiny chef that cooks them? To mark the release of his cookbook, we spoke to the Tiny Chef HIMSELF and the team behind his production, to get the insight scoop on all things tiny.

About ‘Tiny Chef’

The Following answers were provided by The Tiny Chef’s entourage of handlers who call themselves “The Tiny Team”

1. How did The Tiny Chef come about? What’s his origin story?

Bashel and Chef have been friends for quite some time. When they were living together in New Zealand, Rachel’s friend Bozi finally met The Chef and she suggested he pursue his dream of being a cooking show host. Madam joined the team soon after and together we have been very busy over the past few years supporting the chef’s cooking show dreams.

2. How did the process for the book differ from that of the show?

Cheffy had to act out a lot of the scenes in the book. He was essentially recreating a true story so he really had to tap into each moment. Bozi had to make sure each camera angle and all the lighting really helped tell the story for each page and Madam helped The Chef form the words on the page. The book process was a little slower than when we film chef because each picture has to capture so much.


Image via Tiny Chef

3. Is there a dish that you are dying for The Tiny Chef to make?

He’s been talking about his famous key lime pie for a very long time now but he says he needs to use true Florida key limes for it. I can’t wait to actually try it!

4. What is your favorite thing about the whole concept?

Well we all really love The Chef, he’s been a true friend and leader through so so much and he makes all the more challenging times worth it. We’re so happy the world gets to be a friend to him now too.

5. What was your writing process for the Tiny Chef?

Madam will Skype with The Chef and pretty much they’ll just talk for hours. During that time Cheffy will have probably told him 6-7 stories and Madam usually jots them down. Together they’ll figure out how to tell that story through words.


6. What inspired you to write this story?

It’s one of Cheffy’s favorite stories because he was so so devastated when he lost his recipe book and then the outcome was so incredible.

7. Do you think children’s books are more important than ever now? Why?

I know as kids we were ALL obsessed with books, the tangible nature of turning the page and sitting with someone. There’s nothing quite like it and I think it’s one of the most memorable things to do whether you’re the adult or child.

8. What is the message that The Tiny Chef delivers?

I think his answer would be to treat everyone and everything with kindness and curiosity. The tiny team thinks he’s a great role model for being your best self.

9. How long does it take to set up a Tiny Chef scene?

Not too long, once we set up the tiny cameras and tiny lights in his space, we simply turn on the cameras and let him do his thing.

10. How did you get RuPaul to narrate the audiobook? How was the experience?

Cheffy’s bestie Miss Jackie Tohn’s fwend miss Kristen Bell made that happen for Cheffy because she knew how much it would mean to him. The Chef is still beside himself about that experience.


Image via Penguin Random House

From Cheffy himself:

1. What do you love most about cooking?

Fweedom. Cweatovity. And shawing food wif fwends.

2. How do you decide what to make next?

I wook at awe my ingwedientsh and deshide which comblination shoubsh blerfect.

3. What is it like working with such an amazing team?

I abshowutely lub it. Twu frens who awe sho sho kind and cweative.


Image via Tiny Chef

4. How did you end up becoming a chef? Did you always want to be one?

Oh yesh. Blawaysh lubbed food an being cweative sho I just kep doin wut I lub.

5. If you were having a dinner party, and could invite 5 people, dead or alive, who would you invite (and then cook for)?

Juwia shild, mipinny, Miss Jackie, bashem, bozi and madam and bashel and mish kweesten.



6. What can you tell us about your new book?

Itsh bashed in twu eventsh and ders a weshipee in da back, one of my favowites.

7. What is your favorite meal to make?

Sunday nut woast wif mashed blotatoesh end gwavy and a shalad.


You can pick up a copy of The Tiny Chef and da mishing weshipee blook wherever you buy your books!

Feature image via Tiny Chef, Deadline