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The Three Books You Need to Read This Week

There are so many wonderful books in the world and with more published every week it can be hard to know where to start, especially on Mondays, when everything is ten times harder than it usually is. So let us do the work for you. Here are the three books you need to be reading this week. You’re welcome. This week it’s Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine by Lama Tsultrim Allione, Editor in Chic: How to Style and Be Your Most Empowered Self by Mikki Taylor and A Sin Such as This by Ellen Hopkins. 




Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine by Lama Tsultrim Allione


Images Via Simon and Schuster

Image Via Simon & Schuster




Ordained as one of the first American Buddhist nuns and recognized as an incarnation of the Mother of Tibetan Buddhism, Lama Tsultrim has a unique perspective on female strength and enlightenment. In Wisdom Rising, she shares from a deep trove of personal experiences as well as decades of knowledge as one of the preeminent teachers of the mandala of the five dakinis.

Dakinis are a type of Buddhist female spirit comprised of five families, each with a set of unique qualities, as well as an encumbered pattern or emotional block that gets in the way of your true brilliance: Buddha dakini—ignorance to the all-encompassing wisdom; Vajra dakini—anger to the mirror-like wisdom; Ratna dakini—pride to the wisdom of equanimity; Padma dakini—craving to the wisdom of discernment; Karma dakini—envy to the all-accomplishing wisdom.

As a Buddhist nun, Lama Tsultrim yearned to become a mother, ultimately renouncing her vows so she could marry and have a child. When she subsequently lost her first child to SIDS, she was overcome with grief and unsure of where to turn for guidance. She once against found courage through Buddhist female role models and meditations, and, using the mandala of the dakinis, she transformed her pain into faith.

Tantric Buddhism developed the mandala as a mediational tool for transformation—a map for integration and wholeness. And through the mandala of the five dakinis, we learn how to embrace the fierce feminine energy of the dakinis. Rather than trying to remove or repress their patterns in our lives, you will instead discover how to transform them into wisdom through meditation, sound, visualization, and other practices. Both practical and inspiring, Wisdom Rising guides you to explore an ancient yet accessible path to enlightenment.




Lama Tsultrim Allione’s previous book Feeding Your Demons, was a bestseller and this one promises to be no different! With a 5.0 star rating on Goodreads, this book ‘provides access to teachings and practices that would normally be hard to come by.’ Her book Women of Wisdom was published in 1987, and is a hugely popular collection of the namtar (spiritual biographies) of six Tibetan Buddhist yogini (practitioner of yoga). This work has been translated into many languages and a second revised edition was printed due to its popularity. 


According to Amazon, ‘Through her own story of loss and spiritual seeking, paired with mandala meditations and rituals, bestselling author of Feeding Your Demons Lama Tsultrium Allione teaches you how to embody the enlightened, fierce power of the sacred feminine—the tantric dakinis.’




Editor in Chic: How to Style and Be Your Most Empowered Self by Mikki Taylor


Images Via Amazon and Zimibio

 Images Via Amazon and Zimibio




“First Lady of Beauty” and trusted lifestyle expert Mikki Taylor shares uplifting advice for women who want to cultivate their beauty both inside and out.

Mikki is that girlfriend-in-the-know who you wish you could take everywhere you go—and now you can! Written in her signature, no-nonsense style, Editor in Chic delivers fabulous advice that will give you the confidence to be your best self every single day.

From dress code to life code, Mikki shares hundreds of her favorite secrets, including the five products you need to perfect your complexion; the genius ingredient for living comfortably in heels; how to define a bankable wardrobe, be frugal, and look fabulous; unexpected drugstore buys that will give your everyday look a wake-up call; rules for mastering eye-catching makeup and the perfect red lip; ruminations on the challenges of hair loss and effective solutions; what really has the power to motivate or defeat you; why being “risk adverse” is to be “success adverse”; and much more. Whether you’re standing in front of the mirror debating what to wear to a last-minute event or trying to hold your peace in the middle of a confrontation, Editor in Chic gives you the necessary tools to stay affirmed, informed, and inspired in all aspects of your life.




Mikki Taylor is a hugely influential editor, beauty guru and motivational speaker, whose books are basically bibles for the modern day boss lady. For 30 years, Tay­lor was ESSENCE Magazine’s ground­break­ing Beauty & Cover Direc­tor, and is now their Editor-at-Large. She’s also the founder and pres­i­dent of Mikki Tay­lor Enter­prises, LLC.


According to her Goodreads biography “one of Taylor’s most trea­sured expe­ri­ences was a trip to South Africa, at the spe­cial invi­ta­tion of Oprah Win­frey, where she served as an instruc­tor to 149 girls ages 12–14, at the Oprah Win­frey Lead­er­ship Acad­emy for Girls as part of its Arts Work­shop 2007. Tay­lor taught a course called Cel­e­brat­ing Your Unique Beauty & Style, a three-part work­shop that addressed prac­ti­cal and time­less ele­ments of social graces and the essen­tial basics of inner and outer beauty, and Your Best Shot, a ses­sion which taught the skills to insure a phe­nom­e­nal photograph.”




A Sin Such as This by Ellen Hopkins


Images Via Amazon and Anderson's Bookshop

Images Via Amazon and Anderson’s Bookshop




In this gripping follow-up to Love Lies Beneath, #1 New York Times bestselling author Ellen Hopkins’s “fabulous, sex-filled masterpiece of mystery and romance” (Library Journal, starred review), beautiful, wealthy Tara Lattimore’s story continues when her sinful past threatens to derail her current marriage—and her sanity.

Tara thought she was finally settling down when she married the handsome Dr. Cavin Lattimore. Just as she was willing to overlook his gambling habits, she discovers his secret meetings with Sophia, his gorgeous ex-girlfriend and his son Eli’s occasional girlfriend. Life gets even more complicated when Tara’s niece, Kayla, starts hooking up with Eli. In a matter of weeks, Tara has reluctantly gone from rich, single San Francisco professional to Lake Tahoe housewife managing her niece’s whiplash moods, while resisting her stepson’s tantalizing sexual advances.

Adding to the family drama is her younger sister, Melody, who’s having a serious marital breakdown, which means she might know something about her husband Graham and Tara’s brief dalliance years ago. As Tara’s fragile trust in her family teeters, timed with the arrival of certain people from her past, she also can’t shake the feeling that someone’s watching her. Baiting her.

Tara has always considered herself a tough, self-made woman after surviving a childhood defined by poverty, abuse, and neglect. For years, she suffered from the sins of others. She committed a few of her own. Now she wonders if the misdeeds of her past are about to catch up with her—and if she can ever outrun them.




Ellen Hopkins is a bestselling author, who began her career with nonfiction books for children including the wonderfully titled  Orcas: High Seas Supermen. She is the author of a number of novels, many of which are based on her real life struggles, including the kidnapping of her daughter by her ex, her daughter’s addiction problems, and the fact that Hopkins and her husband have custody of her daughter’s three children whom they have raised as their own. According to her website she won multiple awards almost every year between 2001 and 2017, is an outspoken feminist and activist and loves gardening. 


Hopkins’ latest novel is the sequel to the bestselling Love Lies Beneath and is her fourth novel for adults.



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