The Ten Greatest Daniel Radcliffe Moments in Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans around the world were ecstatic when it was announced so long ago that the series would be turned into movies. The casting was one of the most important parts of this transition, and those in charge made the perfect choice with Daniel Radcliffe as the Boy Who Lived. So, in tribute to his amazing work in the films, we created a list of our favorite Dan moments in the movies. 

1) When Harry finds out he’s a wizard.

He’s surprisingly cool with a giant man busting down the door, but finding out he’s a wizard? Now that was wild. 

2) When Harry meets Ron.

The beginning of a beautiful, and while they were younger–adorable, friendship. 

3) When Harry catches the golden snitch in his mouth. 

He proves that you don’t have to know what to do with your hands to be victorious. 

4) When Harry uses the invisibility cloak to steal candy.

While this is a fantastic use of invisibility, did he have to go for poor Neville? 

5) When Harry sasses Snape. 

Harry truly channels his inner James thanks to a confrontational Snape and a little help from the Maurader’s Map in this scene. 

6) When Harry uses Umbridge’s words against her.

Oh, she wants help escaping from centaurs after torturing them? Maybe she should’ve thought of that earlier… 

7) When Harry is the Chosen One. 

Sure, he may take a little too much pride in the title every now and then, but Hermione is always there to put him in his place. 

8) When Liquid Luck leads to the discussion of spider pincers.

No one will ever forget the hysterical moment when Harry was loopy with luck and imitated a spider. 

9) When Harry defeats Voldemort.

The wizarding world, Harry, and (almost) everyone he cares about are finally safe and able to live happy lives thanks to him. 

10) When Harry, Ron, and Hermione send their kids off to Hogwarts.

*sniffle sniffle* You’ll do great, Albus Severus! 

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