The Stranger Project Exhibits Hand-Written Stories from Across the Country

An exhibition of handwritten stories has opened in New York City. The gallery is welcoming your stories and will share its display on social media (Facebook: strangerproject, Instagram: @strangersproj). The reception is closed until January 3rd but the exhibition is opened until the 5th.

Submit your story in person (since it’s the only way to go about this process) at 702 9th Avenue! Also, there are unscheduled story collecting pop-ups happen several times a week and can be discovered through Instagram.


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Brandon Doman, the founder and creator of this artistic project, has taken the Strangers Project across the country, visiting over 80 cities, collecting tens of thousands of stories, and setting up exhibitions in a variety of spaces. He decided to do something about his curiosity in 2009 and transform it to a safe space for expression. From the openness of city parks and libraries, to the intimacy of small classrooms, exhibitions of the Strangers Project are scalable and interactive story-sharing spaces. He’s often works with businesses, schools, festivals, and individuals to bring these stories to different communities.


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More information about The Stranger Project:


“Do you ever see a stranger and wonder… What’s it like being you?”


I’ve been asking that question for the past ten years and have received more than 40,000 hand-written, true, and anonymous answers. Whether about love or loss, joy or fear, what they all have in common is an honest voice of the human experience. These stories offer a brief glimpse into the intimacies of everyday lives, bridging meaningful connections between strangers. By creating a place for stories, we create space to understand each other and ourselves.


We’re living in a time where the differences between us are magnified. I believe that what starts as a simple act of living can be a profoundly transformative experience. Exploring the lives of the people we share space with every day shows us how wonderfully human we all are. These stories engage strangers of all ages and backgrounds to reflect, rejoice, heal and connect through words.


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Brandon Doman explains it further:


The Strangers Project is a celebration of the stories we’re surrounded with every day—both from the strangers we share our space with every day, and our own stories we carry. It’s about a connection with ourselves, with people around us, and something greater than ourselves.


I create spaces where people can discover stories, and if they choose, share their own. None of the stories in the project are submitted online or through the mail—each is from a passerby I met that took a moment to share with me. The stories come from all ages, all walks of life.


I share stories from the collection daily and continue to collect new stories across the country.


Every story is collected in person—stories are not mailed in or submitted online. The Strangers Project is based in NYC, but I also take the Strangers Project to as many cities as I can stories are shared from all ages and all walks of life.


In 2015, Damos published a collection of handwritten stories, What’s Your Story?: True Experiences from Complete Strangers (The Strangers Project).


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After going through all of this, what comes to mind when you ask yourself, ‘What’s it like being you?’ Answer that question at the exhibition while you can! If you want to support the non-profit, then donate here! You don’t even have to share a story about yourself, there are so many stories you can just read!


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