The Strand Bookstore Worries About Closing For Good

Say it isn’t so! The iconic bookstore, The Strand, might close down for good. The bookstore has been around since 1927, and due to the pandemic it was forced to close back in March. They had no choice but to let go most of their employees. Since it opened back up over the summer, the store has been struggling to stay afloat.


Image via CurbedNY


According to Nancy Brass Wyden, Strand’s owner, the revenue has dropped seventy percent. The impact of the pandemic has hit the store hard since they haven’t been able to host events and tourists aren’t traveling much. Even locals are barely leaving their homes to shop in the store. Last week, Wyden went to social media to start a fundraiser for the store and started the hashtag #SaveTheStrand. They’re asking people to shop at the store and to buy online.
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The Strand is such a staple to the book community. A new location just opened up on Columbus Ave and so far no news of that store has surfaced, but the one on 828th and Broadway is the true heart of the Strand. New York won’t be the same without it. If you love books and love the Strand, please help it stay open. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but it would be tragic to lose such an important part of history and a special place for book lovers, especially since it’s been around since 1927. It’s home to alot of new yorkers and simply an overall magnificent place.
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