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‘The Simpsons’ Predicted That ‘GoT’ Season 8 Twist Years Ago

The Simpsons has a real eerie habit of predicting the future. The show’s biggest prediction to come true was Trump’s election. The latest revolves around Game of Thrones’ most recent episode, “The Bells,” which was, let’s just say, an incendiary move.

I would provide an obligatory spoiler warning, but The Simpsons already spoiled the events of GoT’s final season back in 2017.

Metro pointed out that the show’s GoT parody episode, “The Serfsons,” predicted Daenerys Targaryen’s descent into madness with extreme precision. The Simpsons watch in amusement as a fire breathing dragon lays waste to the medieval version of Springfield at the end of the episode.



The Simpsons’ portrayal of Dany’s descent into madness is evidently very comparable to her choosing to burn King’s Landing to the ground, and fans definitely took notice on social media. Considering the intense security measures the show uses to prevent script leaks, it seems impossible that the writers could have gleaned any insider information. (Fun fact: Jaime Lannister actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau also made a voice appearance on the episode, meaning that the two episodes have even more in common… Yeah…) We may not know HOW The Simpsons makes these freakish, frankly paranormal predictions, but we do know that the show always get them right.



While we won’t know how the legendary series will conclude until next week (and we definitely don’t know if it’ll be any good), we can at least say for certain that The Simpsons is always right.



Featured Image via Esquire.