The Shy Rabbit Is the Ultimate Writers’ Getaway!

Writers, come on down to the Shy Rabbit! It’s a peaceful nature retreat filled with serene forest trails and a chance to getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Located in Kentucky, this cozy home away from home was created by historical author Kim Michele Richardson. According to an article written in Publisher’s Weekly, by the author herself in fact, the tiny home that Richardson helped design is located by her Kentucky home where she lives. Richardson wanted to create this tranquil space in a way to “pay-it-forward” after the success of her latest novel, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.


Kim Michele Richardson | Image via Publisher’s Weekly


The sale of the book provided the opportunity to offer a quiet and unique respite from the loud, aggressive world most artists are experiencing now.

-Kim Michele Richardson, Publishers Weekly 2019





As the Shy Rabbit was being built, Richardson shared updates on how the construction was going on her Instagram.












Finally with the home completed, writers our welcome to join in on the relaxing environment the Kentucky wildlife has blessed Richardson with.



At Shy Rabbit, writers can take nature walks, hike the trails, go fishing, and just connect with nature. It’s a special place that sparks creative thought. It is my hope that Shy Rabbit will foster ideas that will encourage strong, creative writing.

-Kim Michele Richardson, Publishers Weekly 2019



The name itself for the getaway home is paying homage to the art of writing in its own way. Taken from the William Butler Yeats’s poem “To an Isle in the Water”.


And shy as a rabbit,
Helpful and shy.
To an isle in the water
With her would I fly.
-William Butler Yeat



Richardson has opened up applications for Writers to live and work in the space for eight-twelve days. You can find it on her official website.


Hopefully writers can find solace and inspiration for their next big hit when they fly to this lovely home.



Featured Image via Kim Michele Richardson official website