Doctor Sleep

‘The Shining’ Sequel Begins Filming in Beautiful Georgia

Many remember being terrified by the famous adaptation of Stephen King’s classic, The Shining. King’s writing, although somewhat changed for the movie, still lent its magic to make for many scares along the ride. Now, five years after the book release of the sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, and 36 years after the release of the initial movie, filmmakers are finally starting production on the sequel.



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Spectators were able to watch as filming and prep began on St. Simon’s Island. The assortment of many vehicles, tents, and trailers as well as the assortment of camera and tech gear captivated many living near the area, providing an amazing spectacle, but also a great first look.







In this story, we focus on our main protagonist from the first plot, Danny Torrance. Now a fully grown adult, we follow him in his present life. Only time will tell if this sequel will live up to the first film in the small series. Doctor Sleep is scheduled to release in early 2020 on January 24th. 




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