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David Byers

The Romance Novel Hunk Who Robbed Hearts…Then Banks

Picture the cover of your favorite romance novel. Maybe it’s a woman in a Victorian dress, hair blowing in the wind, standing valiantly near a horse, a bridge, a castle, whatever. Maybe it’s Fabio. Maybe it’s David Byers, formerly the romance novel cover boy extraordinaire. Currently, however, he’s a notorious bank robber.


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Byers was captured in San Diego in May, and in Connecticut on Tuesday he pleaded guilty in federal court to a robbery charge.


Byers was best known for his “edgy, hard, bad-boy” look, appearing on four covers, LA-based photographer Michael Stokes told the Los Angeles Times.


The bad-boy vibe clearly translated to his personal life, as he robbed a Long Island gas station at gunpoint on April 19th ($300), a Chase Bank on April 20th ($2,100), a Citgo gas station in Greenwich, Connecticut on April 24th ($223), and another Chase bank the following two days ($8,700 and $3,400 respectively). It shouldn’t surprise you, but he created quite the manhunt, including a high speed chase that cumulated with Byers bailing on the car and running across a freeway, escaping into Maryland before heading west to California.


Authorities didn’t find the fugitive until he was spotted in early May, when a SWAT unit spotted him at a San Diego liquor store. One flash-bang grenade later, Byers was in custody. The romance cover boy is scheduled to be sentenced on January 30th, 2018 and faces up to twenty years in federal prison.


How romantic?


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