The Release of ‘Unfortunate Events’ Goes Perfectly with These Recipes

If you were a reader of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, you know that besides the escapades of Count Olaf and the numerous dangers the Baudelaire children faced, food played a large part. Throughout each book, there were dishes that Snicket made stand out. Here’s a list of ‘Unfortunate’ recipes to make in celebration of the premiere of the show!

Pasta Puttanesca from The Bad Beginning

If you remember in the first book in the series, Olaf forces the children to make him and his theatre group dinner. The only thing they knew how to make was pasta puttanesca! 

Recipe here


Coconut Creme Cake from The Reptile Room

The Baudelaire children are shipped off to Dr. Montgomery Montgomery’s house in the second book. Upon their arrival, he welcomes them with coconut creme cake!

Recipe here


Chilled Cucumber Soup from The Wide Window

Aunt Josephine lives in a rickety old house overlooking the lake. It’s cold, damp, and Josephine hates appliances, because she’s afraid they’ll kill her. As a matter of fact, she thinks anything will kill her. Needless to say, chilled cucumber soup is the best dish served without any electricity or harm.

Recipe here


Aqueous Martini from The Ersatz Elevator

If you’re feeling fancy, but you’re not much of a drinker, try the Aqueous Martini. What’s in it you ask? Just water. Seriously. And don’t forget that olive!


Enchiladas with tomato sauce from The Vile Village

While in the village, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny escape a murder of crows and try to get away in a hot-air mobile home where they meet handyman Hector. Hector introduces them to some lovely enchiladas. 

Recipe here.




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