The Redwall Series to Become Video Game, Which We Do Like

Many people, especially those Generation X and Millennial babies, remember a fantastical children’s series known as RedwallThe series was written by Brian Jacques, and is comprised of twenty-two different books. The series is not necessarily linear, but rather tells of a vast history of the world of Redwall, a land where anthropomorphic animals live and rule through strength, wits, and a small amount of magic. Though traditionally a children’s series, many have compared Redwall to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.




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The acclaimed series is being brought back to life after Brian Jacques’ death in 2011, and it’s being resurrected as an episodic video game series.


Developed by Soma Games and Kaio Interactive, the video game series is entitled An Epic Tale of Redwall. This game is still in Early Access mode, however, and only purchasable on Steam, a PC-driven gaming platform. Word on the web has it though that it’s likely the game will eventually be available on the Xbox and possibly even Playstation. Video games have such a unique and interesting way of story-telling, and no doubt true justice will be done to Redwall



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Since the game is still in Early Access mode, only the first episode is up for purchase at $9.99. The game is subject to change as the developers work harder on the storyline, gaming mechanisms, and graphics so it’s likely that the price will go up after its completion. Developers intend for it to be a 4-6 episodic series, and it currently has nothing but positive reviews from Redwall and video game fans across the board. As both an avid reader and gamer, myself, I am nothing short of excited to delve into this new world!



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