The Powerpuff Girls Are Back!

The classic cartoon superheroes, The Powerpuff Girls, are making a comeback! Along with the TV series reboot, IDW Publishing is releasing a graphic novel featuring the beloved heroines as well. The two productions will not overlap, however, as the comic series is meant to be an extension of the animated series.

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Hopefully the comics will achieve what we have all come to expect from print media: a deeper investigation into the nature of the plot and character motivations. Many cartoons in the 21st century have become very sophisticated in their story telling, and hopefully the Powerpuff Girls will get the attention they need to be more than just a 15 minute slot in the Saturday morning cartoon lineup.

The comic series begins with a slow start. Crime is low and the Powerpuff Girls have not as needed by the city of Townsville. Right when the girls think everything has finally settled down for good, Mojo Jojo makes his triumphant return to cause havoc to the otherwise peaceful city.

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The adorable trio seem like they will be around for a long time. For readers looking to swim in a sea of 90’s nostalgia or for anyone who just wants to see some cute crime fighters, the Powerpuff Girls comic series is worth picking up. 

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