The Potter’s Godric’s Hollow Home is now an AirBNB

The home where Harry Potter spent the first year of his life is now an Airbnb!



For $142 a night you can rent one of the rooms in this historic home, where the fictional deaths of James and Lilly Potter happened thanks to Lord Voldemort. You can spot this home in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow’s Part 1.


Image via NYPost


The home is located in an idillyc medieval village called Lavenham, England.  It holds some history to it, since it used to be home to the de Vere family, which was built for them in the 14th century. Since then its been demolished and rebuilt in the 1920s.


Image via Curbed


Over the years the home managed to maintain its charm. However the home is probably haunted since you know Lord Voldemort did commit a murder there, but still, it has some pretty cool stuff inside. The two rentable rooms have four poster beds. While the downstairs has a spiral staircase, a medieval painting, and a giant wooden emblazoned door with hand carved huntsman. The sitting room has timber ceilings and a candelabra chandelier. Sure sounds like a beautiful place to visit, Harry Potter fan or not.


You can plan your stay here.




Featured Image Via BBC