The Olympics Boost Book Sales

The Olympics aren’t just a time for getting the global feel-goods or illogically thinking you could beat Ryan Murphy in backstroke just because yes, you can swim too. It’s also a time – and unexpected time – for rising book sales. Last night, somewhere between field hockey and table tennis, NBC aired a trailer for the coming adaption of Dan Brown’s Inferno. Since airing, the book has risen from the #384 most bought book on Amazon, to #6. Damn, Dan.

The film debut will be the third in a series of Dan Brown movie adaptions, following The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. Like the prior two, it will be directed by Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks as the zealous Harvard symbologist who can’t seem to turn down riddles. In the latest instalment, hitting US theatres October 28th, Hanks finds himself wrapped up in a murder mystery tied to Dante’s nine circles of Hell.

In the meantime before the premiere, read up on your D.B. and enjoy the Olympics – and keep your eyes peeled for other book-bouncing commercials between the all the action!


Featured image courtesy of Florence Inferno.