Fanning Sisters to Star in ‘The Nightingale’ Adaptation

Real life sisters,Elle and Dakota Fanning will portray fictional sisters in The Nightingale movie. The movie is based on the bestselling 2015 novel by Kristin Hannah. It will be directed by Melanie Laurent, star of  Inglorious Bastards. Dana Stevens, who also wrote the film adaption of Nicholas Sparks’ novel Safe Haven, is set to write the film.


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The novel follows two sisters in France during World War 2. The older sister, named Vianne Mauriac, has a husband who is sent into battle while she is at home with her young daughter. When she has to take in an enemy when France is overrun with the Nazis, her every move is now being watched as she struggles to provide food for her family. While the younger sister, Isabelle, is eighteen and falls in love with a man that betrays her. This leads her to run into danger without thinking about the consequences. She joins the resistance, to bring down the Nazis from within France.



This movie will be the second time the Fanning sisters have acted together, since the 2001 Film, I Am Sam. Elle, played a younger version of Dakota’s character, Lucy, in the film. According to the Fanning sisters, they have been looking for a film to do together for a long time and then this one came up. It is a dream come true for them to be acting together, and to tell such a powerful story about sisters.


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