Maze Runner

The Newest Maze Runner Trailer Is All Things Intense!

We don’t live in a dystopian world, but when news like this drops, chaos and mayhem do take over… And we love it!


It was only last night that the trailer for The Death Cure (Maze Runner, Book Three), the final film in the The Maze Runner (Book 1) trilogy, premiered during Teen Wolf. This seems fitting considering Dylan O’Brien connects both the TV show and the movie.


There has been a bit of a build up for this premiere after O’Brien was injured on set last year in Canada and the filming was pushed back. After being hit by a prop car and obtaining serious injuries, the loveable actor needed time to recover. Yet, one would never know of such an accident considering the amount of stunts and action this movie holds. Whether it’s leaping, running, climbing, jumping, or fighting, O’Brien is putting a hundred percent into this movie.



This final film will revolve around the Gladers breaking their way into the Last City to possibly get a hold of the answers they’ve been searching for from the beginning. Game of Thrones fans will also be pleasantly surprised to see Aiden Gillen make a brief appearance as his character Jansen from the previous film. 


No matter what, readers and viewers are ready for this one. The action’s intense, the story is suspenseful, and a civilization’s fate is on the brink. Plus Dylan O’Brien… that is all.



Feature Image Via YouTube