‘The New York Times’ Will No Longer Run Editorial Cartoons

Earlier this year in April, the New York Times published a cartoon that was considered anti semitic, which caused protestors to roar “Shame on you!” outside their Manhattan headquarters on Eighth Avenue. Now the newspaper has decided to stop running editorial cartoons altogether. The cartoon, however, had nothing to do with The Times’ in house cartoonists, but was drawn by Portuguese artist António Moreira Antunes. It was an illustration of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as a dog on a leash, with the Star of David around his neck, held by a blind President Donald Trump wearing sunglasses and a yarmulke.


Image Via JTA.org


The decision was disclosed when Patrick Chappatte, one of the cartoonists for The Times, published a blog post linking the paper’s recent decision in response to the controversy earlier this year. “We are in a world where moralistic mobs gather on social media and rise like a storm, falling upon newsrooms in an overwhelming blow” he said. “This requires immediate counter-measures by publishers, leaving no room for ponderation or meaningful discussions.”

However, James Bennett, the editorial page editor, said the edition of the newspaper that people see today in America does not consist of cartoons, and that this decision was being considered in advance. “We plan to continue investing in forms of opinion” he said. “Including visual journalism, that express nuance, complexity and strong voice from a diversity of viewpoints across all of our platforms”.

There was irritation about The Times’ decision to drop all editorial cartoons. According to CNN, Ann Telnaes, an editorial cartoonist for The Washington Post, contacted the paper to cancel her subscription, calling The Times “feeble” for cutting Chappatte.


Featured Image Via The New York Times