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The New ‘It’ Adaptation Shatters Box Office and Surpasses Expectations

Fear has taken on a new form in the movie world…


With peeling white skin, brittle orange hair, rigid yellow teeth, and eyes that could send horror right into your very gut, the recent adaptation of Stephen King’s IT has taken audiences across the country by storm. We’re all pretty shocked (in the best way). 


Stephen King's 'IT'

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The novel, published in 1986, has had a large fan base from the beginning, and got another boost with the 1990’s miniseries. It was only natural that expectations were high and anticipation was building when the 2017 adaptation of IT came out this month. With people heading to the theater for a true scare and to face some deeply buried fears, the turn out for the cult King classic was record-breaking. 


Within the first three days of premiering, It pulled in $117.1 million dollars. It’s now one of the top twenty grossing movies of 2017. That’s based on its first weekend alone.


'IT' Movie Cast

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It continues to sell out tickets and draw audiences in with its nostalgia, familiarity, and downright nightmare-inducing story. There seems to be something within all of us that wants to be scared or to face the fears we have head-on.


Whether it’s the relatable cast, the lost innocence, or childlike fears we all have inside of us, Pennywise the Dancing Clown will pry our biggest fears right out… clawed hands and all.


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