The New ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Book Comes Out in 2017

Between writing the screenplay for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, overseeing the Cursed Child play, and being one of Britain’s pop culture stateswomen, there is a bona fide Rowling revival happening right now. Adding one more stone to that pile is the announcement that the book inspiring Fantastic Beasts, of the same title, is being updated and re-released next year, continuing to stoke the flames of new-wave Potter fandom.

Back in 2001, at the height of Pottermania and more than a decade before J.K. Rowling would pen a novel under her Robert Galbraith pseudonym, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them appeared on shelves as a ‘textbook’ for the wizards and witches-to-be. Newt Scamander, one of Rowling’s pen names (played by Eddie Redmayne in the film), chronicles his misadventures trying to track down magical creatures in 1920s New York, 70 years before the events of The Sorcerer’s Stone.

Eddie’s got his venturin’ face on (Image: Wenner Media)

This fireworks-packed, new-coat-of-paint book version of Fantastic Beasts will include a cover redesign, new illustrations and drawings, and a new foreward and passages by Rowling.

For whatever reason, though, it won’t be released until after the movie opens. I guess wizard copy editors aren’t any more magical than us muggle ones. The new Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them returns to the marketplace on March 14, 2017. Its now-more-famous film brother hits theaters on November 19. 

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