Avengers: Endgame Trailer

The New ‘Avengers’ Trailer Has Arrived and It Is Incredible

The new Avengers trailer is finally here and it pretty much shows us nothing. This could be a good thing.


Most of the trailer deals with the immediate aftermath of the previous film. We see the Avengers mourning their losses after the Thanos “Snap” and trying to make sense of the outcome. Iron Man is stuck in space aboard the Guardians’ now vacant ship. Hawkeye is working out some issues on his own. Otherwise, we see very little of the other Marvel universe members and know next to nothing about the plot’s details.



Marvel has been secretive about the new film since Infinity War came out back in April and the studio remains very consistent with this teaser.


This means we can expect many surprises from the upcoming epic. We’ve been shown very little, and the film is only supposed to be loosely based on Marvel’s comic book universe.


“I don’t think there are any comics that correlate to it,” Director Joe Russo told ComicBook.com. “I think we’re in pretty fresh territory with Avengers 4. If anything, I think it’s interesting after to go back and look at some of the Marvel films and view them through a different lens. But I can’t think of any comics in particular that would have value.”


Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters May 3rd of next year.





Featured Image via Marvel