The New American Girl Doll Loves Poetry

Gabriela McBride is the newest American Girl doll. American Girl dolls, which I used to own – and love – are dolls that come with their own storybooks and teach little girls valuable lessons such as history, friendship, and bravery. 

Announced on Good Morning America today, Gabriela is the newest American Girl. According to GMA, the new line of American Girls is focused on representing girls from diverse backgrounds and interests. GMA also said, “Gabriela is described in a press release from the doll maker as a ‘true creative talent’ who uses poetry to help ‘break down barriers’ and overcome her ‘personal challenge’ of stuttering.”

Image courtesy of GMA

The Gabriela doll will launch in stores and online January 1st. Her books are authored by Teresa E. Harris and will tell the story of Gabriela’s childhood, family, and how she finds her voice through poetry. 


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