The NBA Has Announced its Poetry Award Long List

The National Book Foundation’s long list of poetry is getting smaller and smaller. The remaining books each have a chance at being awared the National Book Award for Poetry. By October the list will only include the finalsts and by November 16th the winners will be decieded. Who do you think is going to win?

The Performance of Being Human by Daniel Borzutzky

Daniel’s poetry focuses on how nation-states harm communities and their economies. With a focus on Chicago and Chile, he describes how politics can destory a community from the inside. Becoming a human is about transcending institutions and borders, but is it possible?

Blue Laws By Kevin Young

Blue Laws draws from Young’s previous poetry books. It even includes never before seen poems that didn’t make into his pervious books. Young focuses on personal and political poems, ranging from Southern food, to human tragedy.

Collected Poems 1974 – 2004 By RIta Dove

Dove is one of the most multi-talented writers alive today. Her collected poems vary from Greek myth to irreverant musings. Her ablility to write in a variety of differenty styles with outstanding talent has earned her the oppotunity to win NBA’s prize, and personally I am putting my money on her to win.

Blackacre By Monica Youn

Can you believe legal potery has been this successful? Youn is an amazing writer who has been able to take the most boring topic, law, and turn it into art. 

Archeophonics by Peter Gizzi

 The definition of Archeophonics is “the archeology of lost sound.” The study is meant to recover the texture and feeling of languages through the medium of art. Gizzi’s unqiue field of study landed him as a finalist for this year’s NBA award, let’s see how far it goes.

Bestiary By Donika Kelly

Much more in the world of fiction, Donika Kelly describes mythical creatures such as the chimera and the centaur in her work. She encounters all kinds of unique creatures that are described wonderfully, and sometimes with distrubing detail.


Look By Solmaz Sharif


Sharif tells the story of how war has fragmented herself and her family. America’s invasion into Aghanistan and Iraq had significant ripple effects that are still being felt today. By using the American government’s own words in her prose, she has succeeded in creating art as well as a scathing ctizitizism of war.

The Abridged History of Rainfall By Jay Hopler

 The theme of Jay Hopler’s History of Rainfall is primarily his fathers death. His father’s story is told as an “elegy of uproar” to “a careening hymn to disaster.” Hopler struggles to deal with this loss as he traves the world.

The Selected Poems of Donald Hall By Donald Hall

World of Made and Unmade By Jane Mead

A long in-depth look at life an death, Jane Mead takes us to the edge of our mortality and back again. The theme of sorrow and grief in this book will either break you down or reaffirm how important it is to celebrate life.


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