The Most Commonly Banned Books of All Time

Banning books is a weird thing. I think the majority of us need to get over the fact that there are many controversial opinions that make their way into literature. Books are meant to be a storage place for imagination and ideas. They are meant to immortalize historical events, unique stories, and fantastic worlds. To ban a book is to ban creativity.

The following books are the top 4 banned books of all time:

The Bible 

The American Library Association recently released a study showing that the Bible has become the most banned book for the first time in history. Schools, particularly Florida, have banned the Bible from being handed out to students.

The Communist Manifesto by Friedrich Engles and Karl Marx

Marxism is probably the single most controversial political theory ever manifested. Capitalism has its critics, but no book on capitalism has ever been banned to the degree that Marx has been. Maybe it was because of that whole U.S.S.R. thing.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain


The first purely literary piece to hit the most banned list. Huckleberry Finn is considered a racially insensitive book because of its use of the n-word. The book has been targeted by the NAACP and was a part of a famous law suit Monterio v. The Tempe Union High School.

The Call of the Wild by Jack London


This classic has been notoriously banned by the Nazis’ during WWII. The only known reason for it being banned in Germany and Italy was that it was “too radical.” Perhaps the feral violence was too vivid, or maybe the sense of breaking away from domestic life was seen as treasonous. We may never know, but don’t let the fact that it’s banned in some countries deter you from picking it up, and that goes for all the banned books around the world.


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