‘The Most Beautiful’, A Prince Memoir

Ow!! When you’ve grown up listening to Prince, you know how monumental his genius was. People bowed down to him-even though he only stood at 5’2”. He had a commanding presence.  

Over his career, Prince received 7 Grammy Awards, with 25 nominations. He won an Academy Award for his film, Purple Rain, and has received many recognitions for his talent. But that’s not even the tip of the iceburg.

Prince’s success is insurmountable. People have sampled his songs, they belt out his lyrics from the heart, they’ve memorized every word. Watching his performances will always be mesmerizing. His stage presence captivated you and made you feel connected to the music, which is hard to say for many musicians today. Prince was a true artist and people idolized him. He wasn’t just an innovator of music, he was a fashion icon, a philanthropist, and humanitarian. It was a complete shock to the world when he passed unexpectedly in April. 

Watch a 1998 interview with Prince here.  

I remember when I waited 22 HOURS in line for tickets to see Chris Rock and Prince on Saturday Night Live (it was amazing). I’ve grown up in a household where Prince was played in the house. If we were going somewhere, it’d be transferred to the car. I’ve listened to my dad try and hit the high notes on the songs, my mom and dad sing duets, and watched and participated in impromptu dance competitions to Prince’s guitar solos. Prince’s legacy continues to live on.

Mayte Garcia and Prince were married for four years. Together, they had a son who passed away when he was only a week old. Prince never had any other children. Prince was working on a memoir, The Beautiful Ones set to be released Fall 2017, but according to Bustle, “the beloved artist had completed 50 pages or so before his death, it’s unlikely we’ll ever read a full memoir from The Purple One.”

Garcia’s memoir, The Most Beautiful, is available now.


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