The Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2016

Falling behind on your 2016 reading list? Well we have good news for you: Your reading list is about to get a whole lot bigger! As the air turns cooler and leaves start falling off the trees, Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Safran Foer, Ann Patchett and more authors are gracing us with new books. 

Here I Am by Jonathan Safran Foer


After two emotionally challenging and uniquely funny books, Foer is finally back. His fans have been waiting over 11 years for his third book and they couldn’t be happier that it’s coming out in less than a month! The story is about a family that is forced to face a series of political challenges while living in Washington D.C. Everybody is excite to see the next step in Foer’s career, don’t miss this book!

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett


Bestselling author Ann Patchett has written what is expected to be an emotional rollercoaster of alliances, betrayals, and family catastrophes. The story follows a family struck by divorce and their attempt to patch things up. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you will definitely not regret reading this book.

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer


Need I say more? One of the most iconic comedians of the 21st century is releasing a book that is sure to make us laugh out loud. We expect her book to be just like her comedy, funny, enlightening, and downright raunchy!


The Last Wolf & Herman by László Krasznahorkai



Are you ready to take a step into the wild and weird world of Booker Prize-winning author László Krasznahorkai? If you haven’t heard of him, beware. His books tend to be highly cerebral almost gothic narratives that are intensely complex. Fans of Kraznahorkai on the other hand, simply cannot wait for another epic journey into human despair and tension.

The Mothers by Britt Bennett


Britt Bennett is finally releasing her debut novel in October. The story takes place in family oriented community in Southern California that takes their religion seriously. After a scandalous pregnancy by the pastor’s son, the whole community is effected by the decisions made by the mother and father of the child. The book is shaping up to be a dynamic look into how a community can come together, or fall apart, under pressure.

The Red Car by Marcy Dermansky


After her hilariously tragic character in Bad Marie, Marcy Darmansky is finally coming out with another book. This time the protagonist is less hilarious and a bit more tragic. Her friend dies in a car accident and gives her the same car in her will – It sounds a bit morose but the reviews of the book allude to the opportunity for a new adventure.

Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood


Margaret Atwood is part of a team of writers who are creating modern takes on the works of William Shakespeare. Hag-Seed is meant to be her adaptation of her favorite play The Tempest. Her story is about a stage director who is trying to win his job back as artistic director of the Makeshiweg Festival. How will Margaret reinvent Shakespeare? Read the book and find out!

Invisible Planets translated by Ken Liu


Translator Ken Liu is finally finished with his great contribution to English speaking science fiction. Translating 13 stories from the very best sci-fi writers in China, he is contributing fresh new content to a genre that is always looking for something different.

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon by Jill Thompson


Wonder Woman is getting a totally new graphic novel written by Jill Thompson. With the reboot of the DC series, Wonder Woman is finally getting the attention she deserves. From her own movie in 2017 and her own comic coming out in October, everybody’s favorite Amazonian woman is here to stay.