Mean Girls

The ‘Mean Girls’ Book Is Coming and It’s So Fetch.

Get your Burn Book ready. One of movie’s greatest trios is coming to the literary world…and Broadway. 


So, has anyone ever felt victimized by waiting for a new book?



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Well, if you raised your hand ‘yes’, don’t worry. Your wait will soon be over. The new novel Mean Girls by Micol Ostow will be released September 12th. Everyone is grabbing their pink shirts and brushing up on their Plastics lingo.


The novel, based on the screenplay by Tina Fey, is a new retelling of the fan favorite. With points of view from various characters and behind-the-scenes content, this is something the movie fans will want to get their hands on.


But why stop at movies and books? The limit does not exist!


Mean Girls On Broadway

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Coming April 8th, 2018 to the August Wilson Theatre on Broadway is Mean Girls, the musical adaptation. And there’s a 30% chance we already love it. You’ll be able to get tickets in advance on October 2nd or wait until 10 a.m. on October 3rd. You should remember to have your hair in a ponytail only once a week and wear your jeans or track pants just on Friday.


You could also visit their website to figure out how to book your seats for one of Fey’s most quote-worthy works.


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Four tickets for you, Glenn Coco.


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