The Martian Writer Andy Weir Details New Book

Much like Gillian Flynn, Lisa Genova and countless others before him, Andy Weir has been launched from literary celebrity to household name thanks in no small part to the popular adaptation of his work. After last year’s adaptation of his originally self-published novel The Martian, his every penstroke is now closely watched, every detail about any new work eagerly awaited. It’s a small fortune for us that it appears that we don’t have to wait for much longer for a follow-up.

In an interview with Smithsonian Magazine, Weir gave a few details on his second literary adventure. The story, whose title has yet to be announced, centers around a petty criminal, navigating through the underbelly of the first city on the moon. Much like his debut, the novel will continue Weir’s signature endeavor of featuring scientifically sound elements – technology that could and would be feasible on the moon.

When asked if making the lead character female was a conscious choice, Weir responded, “I don’t take part in any political debates. So I’m certainly not trying to make a point by having a female lead. She’s just a character I came up with that I thought was cool, so she’s the lead…She doesn’t encounter any distinctly “female” challenges. There’s no love plot. And the story takes place in a future society where there is practically no sexism.”

Featured image courtesy of Lee Hutchinson / ars technica