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The Man Who Saw the World One Bookstore at a Time

Bookstr recently published a listicle titled 14 of the World’s Most Beautiful Bookstores and in response to that a dude who goes by the name of Torsten Woywod got in contact with us. Torsten has visited each and every one of the bookshops featured on the list, as well as including eighty-six more. He documented his travels on his Facebook page, Around the World in 100 Bookshops. Check it out! 


Not only are we super jealous of this guy’s travel itinerary but we also appreciate his spontaneity in deciding to up and leave his job and take some time off to undertake a cool project. “Three days before my thirty-fifth birthday I quit my book-selling job AND quit my flat..and then began travelling around the world in bookshop,” he explains.



Image Via Torsten Woywod

Woywod’s first trip was in 201, during which time he experienced Europe’s literary culture. His second trip was the following year and was a far more extensive journey, spanning ten countries including Australia, multiple cities in the US, specifically on the west coast, Mexico, and several countries in South America and Asia.


Of this period of globetrotting Woywod says

“Sometimes I cant believe how this all developed…Two German books have been published about my travels since, the last just two weeks ago.”


Seems like a good idea for us all to get off our office chairs and undertake a serious mission like this man did!


Here are some photographs of the bookstores he came across:



1. “Fully Booked” Bonifacio High Street (Manila, Philippinen)


Fully Booked

Image Via Facebook


2. “Gaia Hotel books” (Taipei, Taiwan)



Image Via Facebook


3.  “Book and Bed” (Tokio, Japan)


Books and Bed, Japan

Image Via Facebook


4. Atlantis Books, Oia, Santorini, Greece



Image Via Facebook

You can read more about Torsten’s journey here, here and here.


Featured Image Via Pinterest